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Tau Beta Pi is the National Engineering Honor Society. The Texas Delta Chapter was formed in 1948 after 27 years of trying to start a chapter at Texas A&M College (due to the College's established position against all fraternities). The Delta Chapter continues to grow and add more members to its ranks allowing students a greater opportunity of interaction among many different industries.

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National History

In the beginning. Dr. Edward Higginson Williams, Jr. founded Tau Beta Pi in order to recognize those engineering undergraduates and graduates who display scholarship, exemplary character, and foster a spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges. The idea of a honor society was not new; Phi Beta Kappa was organized in 1776. However, that society did not have a specific field upon its founding, and the trend toward selecting one field was evident for years before it narrowed down in 1898. Dr. Williams was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and head of the mining department of Lehigh University. In order to recognize scholarship in the technical fields Phi Beta Kappa was excluding in favor of the liberal arts and sciences, Dr. Williams founded Tau Beta Pi in 1885. He single handedly drew up the organization's constitution, gave it a name, designed its governmental structure, prepared its badge and certificate, planned necessary details for its operation, and established requirements for new members and chapters. The first people Armed with paperwork, Dr. Williams offered membership to the qualified graduated of Lehigh. Many accepted, but only the valedictorian of the senior class, Mr. Irving Heikes, was initiated on June 15, 1885. When Mr. Heikes returned the following year for graduate work, he, Dr. Williams, and two alumni who had accepted membership initiated the eligible men from the class of 1886 and organized the Alpha of Pennsylvania chapter.



In 1892 Michigan State started the second chapter, Alpha of Michigan. The Bent The official badge of the association was originally a watch key in the form of the bent of a trestle. Pocket watches at one time had a small square hole for winding. When stem-winding watches replaced the key- winding watches, the insignia was modified for manufacturing ease. THE BENT, Tau Beta Pi's official quarterly newspaper was originally published by Pennsylvania Alpha in 1906. Although there have been some changes over the years, THE BENT is still published, with paid circulation more than 99,000 copies per issue. Student loans were originally pulled from excess in this account. Incorporation 1947 was a significant year for Tau Beta Pi. The Sigma Tau Fraternity merged with the Tau Beta Pi Association. All of Sigma Tau's members were automatically eligible for membership into Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Tau's national headquarters closed, and all of its records were transferred to the national headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. Prior to 1905, the national headquarters moved with the Secretary's offices. However, in 1947, Secretary Williams retired, and the University of Tennessee, where his offices had been, was made the permanent headquarters of the Association. The Association was then incorporated under the laws of Tennessee on December 1, 1947. The society is officially a not-for-profit, educational organization, with its assets held in corporate name or in trust.



Texas A & M University's Texas Delta chapter became the 85th chapter on October 11, 1948. Other Texas chapters are: Texas Alpha at University of Texas, Texas Beta at Texas Tech University, Texas Gamma at Rice University, Texas Epsilon at the University of Houston, Texas Zeta at Lamar University, Texas Eta at the University of Texas in Arlington, Texas Theta at the University of Texas in El Paso, Texas Iota at Southern Methodist University, Texas Kappa at Prairie View A & M University, and Texas Lambda at Texas A & M University -- Kingsville. As of 1997, there had been 226 chapters, with more than 415,000 members. Texas Delta itself has initiated over 6,700 members. Texas Delta hosted the seventy-first and the eighty-sixth national convention. Texas Delta has won one honorable mention for the Outstanding Chapter Award and one Most Improved Chapter Award.

TAMU Faculty Tau Beta Pi Members
Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Rodney Bowersox

Dr. Jim Boyd

Dr. Leland A Carlson

Dr. Walter E. Haisler

Dr. Jeffrey Hostetler

Dr. John Painter

Dr. Thomas C Pollock

Dr. William Saric

Dr. Kristi Shryock

Dr. John D Whitcomb

Dr. Edward White


Agricultural Engineering

Dr. Brent Auvermann

Dr. Ann Kenimer

Dr. Bruce Lesikar

Dr. Bryan Shaw


Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Gerard Cote

Dr. William Hyman

Dr. Charles Lessard

Dr. Duncan Maitland

Dr. Mike McShane

Dr. Kenith Meissner


Chemical Engineering

Dr. John Baldwin

Dr. Philip Eubank

Dr. Charles Glover

Dr. Katy Kao

Dr. Mark Holtzapple

Dr. Victor Ugaz

Dr. Thomas Wood


Civil Engineering 

Dr. Charles Aubeny

Dr. Joseph Bracci

Dr. Jean-Louis Briaud

Dr. Robert Bruner

Dr. Mark Burris

Dr. Gary Fry

Dr. Roy Hann

Dr. Mary Beth Hueste

Dr. Ray James

Dr. James Kaihatu

Dr. Terry Kohutek

Dr. Lee Lowery

Dr. Robert Lytton

Dr. Don Maxwell

Dr. Ken Reinschmidt

Dr. Herbert Richardson

Dr. Paul Roschke

Dr. Roger Smith

Dr. Thomas Wood

Dr. Ralph Wurbs

Dr. Dan Zollinger


Computer Science Engineering

Dr. Rick Furuta

Dr. Dick B. Simmons

Dr. Valerie E. Taylor

Dr. Richard A Volz


Electrical Engineering 

Dr. William Beasley     Emeritus Faculty

Dr. James Biard

Dr. Karen Butler-Purry

Dr. Andrew Chan

Dr. Robert Chenoweth     Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Sunil Khatri

Dr. A.D. Patton     Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Don B. Russell

Dr. Karen L. Watson

Dr. Mark H. Weichold

Dr. Willard Worley     Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Steven Wright


Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution 

Dr. Ryan Beasley


Industrial Engineering 

Dr. G. Kemble Bennett

Dr. J. Eric Bickel

Dr. Leland T. Blank     Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Milden Fox, Jr.     Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Brett A. Peters

Dr. Martin A. Wortman


Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Ray Bowen

Dr. Leroy Fletcher

Dr. Warren Heffington

Dr. Harry Hogan

Dr. Thomas Lalk

Dr. Sai Lau

Dr. Make McDermott

Dr. Andrew McFarland

Dr. Gerald Morrison

Dr. Alexander Parlos

Dr. Bryan Rasmussen

Dr. Dan Turner


Nuclear Engineering 

Dr. Fred Best

Dr. David R. Boyle

Dr. William Burchill

Dr. Karen Vierow

Petroleum Engineering 

Dr. Charles Bowman     Professor and Dean Emeritus

Dr. John C. Calhoun

Dr. Paul Crawford     Professor Emeritus

Dr. John Lee

Dr. Duane McVay

Dr. Larry Piper

Dr. Richard Startzman     Professor Emeritus

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